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Q: How many kids did js bach have that lived?
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How long did JS Bach live?

J.S. Bach lived from 1685 to 1750, or 65 years.

Is Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach alive now?

No. He lived from 1714 to 1788, and was the 2nd of 5 sons of JS Bach.

How many years did JS Bach live?

65 years.

When did Mozart meet bach?

If you're talking about J.C. Bach, Mozart met him in London during his 1763-66 family trip around Europe. If you're talking about the original Bach, he didn't. JS Bach lived from 1685 to 1750. Mozart wasn't born until 1756, 7 years after JS Bach's death.

Are there any living descendents of js bach today?

Doubtful ... although there may certainly be many people with the last name of "Bach", but most likely not a direct descendant of the masterful composer, JS Bach.

What were the names of JS Bach?

Johann Sebastian Bach.

Did js bach have car?


Is JS Bach outdated?


What is Cpe bach's relationship to js bach?

Second son of Johann Sebastian Bach

What is appositeness?

Appositive means "placed side by side" and is used for words in a sentence that explain each other, as in the sentence JS Bach, the composer, lived in Germany, a country in Europe, where JS Bach and the composer, as well as Germany and a country are appositives

What nationality was JS Bach?


Where did JS Bach Die?