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maby 130 songs i think

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โˆ™ 2009-07-17 17:49:35
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Q: How many songs does girls aloud sing?
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How many songs did Girls aloud write and sing?

Have wrote or something kind of sound of the underground love machine Girls Aloud have wrote about 36 songs more or less.

Who sings the St Trinians songs?

I know Girls Aloud sing most of the songs but I'm not sure on one of them

Who does Cheryl cole sing with?

Girls Aloud

Do girls aloud mime?

No Girls Aloud don't mime unless it's on a particular show that doesn't allow them to sing live. For example, on GMTV, not everyone are allowed to sing live for some reason. But otherwise, no, Girls Aloud always sing live.

What band did Cheryl cole sing in?

Girls Aloud.

What type of music do girls aloud sing?


Did the girls aloud sing the song ruby?

No The kaiser cheifs did

How many songs did girls' generation sing?

a lot, I can't count it

Who sings the least in girls aloud?

Nicola Roberts. But when she does sing she is brilliant.

What do the girls aloud girls look like?

Girls Aloud is a British singing group. There are 5 of them and they are very attractive. They have an official website at where you can have a look at them. They also sing pretty good!

Which girl band is better Pussycat dolls or girls aloud?

Girls aloud there better looking can sing better and dance pussycat dolls look fake and none of them can sing if you ask me except Nicole and some teen dont even now them they have never heard of them but some people havent heard of girl aloud either but girls aloud are more known and solled more album

Did Cheryl Cole sing you are not alone?

She sang it as part of Girls Aloud, not during her solo career.

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