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14 months

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Q: How many years did Elvis serve in the military reserves?
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What is the average years someone will serve in the military?

Six years, two to four active and two to four reserves.

Could you join the military for 2 years?

There have been programs where a person could enlist and serve Active Duty for 2 years, then transfer to the Reserves and drill in the Reserves for 6 years. Some program like that may still exist, today.

What was the minimum age to serve the military?

To serve in the military you need to be 18 years old.

What years did Elvis Presley serve in the US Army?


How many years was Elvis in the military?

I think he served 2 years in the Army

How many years did Edward Elliott serve in the military?

He was in the military for 53 years.

How many years did chuck years serve in the military?


How many years do you have to serve as a military police?

3-5 Years

What is the amount of time you have to serve in the army if you go to West Point?

5 years active duty and 3 years IRR/reserves

How many years did Anthony Wayne serve in the military?


Did Eli Whitney serve in the military?

yes he did for 3 years

How many years do you have to serve after graduating from the naval academy?

They have to serve six years, four years on active duty. If they resign their commission, they can complete the last two in the reserves. If they do not graduate, they may incur an enlisted obligation.