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Q: How much are Magcon tickets?
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What is magcon tour?

The magcon tour are these people who are famous on either vine or YouTube and the travel to meet their friends.

How many people are in magcon?

The number of people in Magcon can vary, as it is a touring group that features social media influencers and celebrities. At its peak, Magcon had around 10-12 members, but the lineup can change from tour to tour.

Who is magcon?

A lot of sexy guys.

Will Jacob Sartorius be at Magcon in Dallas?


Who is in magcon?

A lot of sexy guys.

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Tickets to what....?

How much is it for fright world tickets?

How much is the fright world tickets

Why did magcon split up?

Magcon split up because Bart Bordelon used the guys and mahogany for money and didn't give them as much as they deserved. He sold way more VIP tickets than the guys wanted him too because they wanted to meet the fans but he wanted the money. Nash, Cameron, Carter, and Hayes joined 26management, Matt, Aaron and Taylor did Sunsation Tour for a while, Shawn went on tour with Autin Mahone, and Jack and Jack went on their own DigiTour and continued to make music, but they are all still friends and are together often.

Why was Nash grier kicked out of magcon?

he wasn't. He decided to leave to be with 26mgmt

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Tickets are $150. get them at