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That all depends on alot of factors. How good the band is, the venues they play, what type of music they play, how many CD's are sold, ticket sales how much is profit and much is gross, how the band spends the grossed money, and how the profits are split up, not to mention how many band members it would have to be split up by. and that's just naming a few variables.

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Depends on the manager,the company the contract they sign.How many concerts they have.How many cds thy sell.How long theyve been in the music biz.Usally at least a million or more they get paid though.

How about the rock band Styx

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That depends on the venue they are playing and how many people buy tickets, as well as what their contract says (if they have one).

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There is no minimum.

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Q: How much do rock bands get paid?
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