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no1 is richa than cris brown! he's buff1

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Akon made just over 7 million dollars with albums. not including record deals and add campaigns.

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15 million dollar

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How much does Akon weigh.

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Q: How much does akon weigh?
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How much is it to hire akon?

how much it cost to hire akon

Where can one find Akon videos online?

Of course you can find the most videos of Akon in youtube. But you can also find very much videos of Akon on There are many videos and songs of Akon.

How much rich is akon?

not much, about 6 million $

Is akon talented?

Very much so. Akon is my absolute favourite singer and I love him soo much. Anyway YES HE IS DEFINATLY VERY TALENTED

How much is akon net worth?

40 Billion

Is Akon a king?

akon is not a king akon is not a king

Is akon famous than Eminem or not?

Akon is abviously better than Eminiem because Eminiem raps from his nose and akon has clear voice. In the song smack that, Akon will have high perfromance level than Emieniem. No dought Akon's voice is better.

How much mooney does Akon get?

2 billion dollars for year

What is the song over the edge by Akon about?

It is about girl broking up from boy so akon is telling dont leave because he meant him so much

What does Akon hate?

Akon hates some rumors- something everyone does. Check for a blog about Akon.

Is Akon an Indian?

No, Akon is not an Indian.

What is Akon's middle name?

Akon's Full name is Aliaune Badara Akon Thiam