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it depends, during the winter she goes through avout 12.3 ounces a day, and in the summer she goes through roughly a half gallon a week.

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โˆ™ 2012-04-03 19:23:46
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Q: How much hairspray dose Rihanna use?
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What did they use as hairspray in hairspray the musical?

They could have possibly used hairspray but I think they used water.

How often does Rihanna use autotune and can you give a list of the songs she uses it in?

Rihanna doesn't use it much. She used it on Disturbia, Live Your Life, and Who's That Chick.

How does hairspray pollute the air?

hairspray ruins our ozone layer and the ozone layer is almost gone so try not to use hairspray that much. or use it inside. our ozone layer is thin and we need it. it is the only thing keeping us not direct with the solar system. it surrounds the earth.

How much hairspray does the average person use?

I spray my hair for about 15 seconds all together.

What damage does your hair do to hairspray?

Hair doesn't harm hairspray. Hairspray harms hair.

Will hairspray kill lice?

hairspray will help stop them, they dont like it so its good to use it.

How do you remove ink pen marks from wooden table?

I just used hairspray on a cotton wool pad and rubbed hard. Be careful not to use to much hairspray as this might fade the colour in the table.

What can you use instead of hairspray?

Moose or gel.

Can you curl your hair without using hairspray?

Well I use hairspray after I curl my hair but my friend NEVER uses hairspray and her curls always stay in until the end of school. I know that for some reason my sister uses soy renewal and styling cream and yet they look better than mines. I WOULD recommend you to use hairspray but if your hair's thin you should use it. THick hair doesn't need it so much! Hope this helped :)

Is this hairspray safe for children?

Yes, this hairspray is safe to use on children, just be sure to avoid facial contact.

What hairspray science fair project can you do?

What is hairspray good for other than spraying hair? Could you use it to preserve flowers? Can it be used as a form of glue, for sticking photographs (or whatever) onto cardboard? I know you can also use a can of hairspray as a blowtorch, but I do not recommend this for a science fair project, since it is much too dangerous. Stick to safer applications.

How does hairspray damage hair?

it dries out your hair and scalp, to much use makes hair coarse and snap very easily

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