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Prices vary. A LOT of them from the 1960s are fakes, done by their road managers Neil Aspinall and Mal Evans to meet public demand.

10,000 dollars.

i would say about 4,000 dollars at least

It really depends on which Beatle believe it or not. If its all of them together then it could range through to the thousands.

You need to get the signatures examined by an expert - a good auction house, especially one with a specialist in pop-memorbilia would be ideal.

If you can somehow certify the signatures as genuine, then they would be worth thousands of pounds - it depends how clear they are, what they are written with (pencil is, apparently, worth slightly less) and what they on.

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I have recently sold my original Casbah Club membership card dated 19/11/1961 to 19/11/1962 at The Beatles auction in Liverpool and received the staggering sum of £1950. It has been in several different drawers in different homes and I have never taken much notice of it until recently, when I saw an advert in the Liverpool Echo asking if anybody had one.

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I would say it could be a nice sum if you find a collector of such things. I would suggest some on line auction, and see what you come up with.

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That depends on the ticket's condition, if it was used, show date and location. A lot of things come into play when estimating the worth of items such as a Beatle's ticket stub.

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The value of old concert ticket stubs can vary greatly depending on what the gig was. Some might be worth money but many will be worthless.

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Q: How much is Beatles Memorabilia worth?
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