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His estate was listed at $30 million at the time of his death

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About 115 at the time of his death

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Q: How much money was Kurt Cobain worth?
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Who is more famous Bruce dickinson or Kurt cobain?

Kurt Cobain is much more famous; he is a rock n' roll legend, whereas Bruce Dickinson is a cult artist.

How much girlfriends did Kurt cobain had?

How much grammar classes had you had? he had 3

Did Kurt cobain play with stone temple pilots?

No he did not play with them, but Nirvana was noted as inspiration for much of their music

Did kirt cobain do drugs?

Weed, Cocaine and before he got shot in Vegas he injected Heroine Actually, Tupac was no where near high or intoxicated the night he was shot he was very much sober. And I believe Tupac only did weed.

Which is the best biography of Kurt cobain?

Come as You Are is really good. It's pretty much centered around Cobain but it's technically the Story of Nirvana, not Kurt. But anyways, I learned a lot from it that's not in other books. It goes into great detail about his songs, and the author was apparently a friend of Kurt's.Kurt Cobain was a pretty cool guy, despite all his "problems".

How did Nirvana die?

When Nirvana's singer Kurt Cobain died, pretty much the band did too. They didn't make any more songs after his death.

How much money has been stolen from the Estate of Kurt Cobain?

There has been no valid proof of money being stolen from the Estate. The bulk of it was left to his daughter, and many reports claim that his former wife Courtney Love made up the story to get herself some publicity.

Did Kurt Cobain write a song about killing himself?

Much of Kurt's music was a mix of depression, angst, and his negative views of many things in life. The lyrics to many songs can be interpreted in different ways by different people.

How ritch was Kurt cobain?

Wealthy, but not as much as you think. He had a nasty heorine habit that costed close to 500 hundred dollars a day, as well as the child-custody courts with Frances, it costed him and Courtney. However, due to Forbes list of "richest dead people", Kurt Cobain topped the list, with 50 million dollars since his death in April '94.

How much money does Kurt Suzuki make?

MLB player Kurt Suzuki made $2750000 in the 2014 season.

How much money the rapper dmx is worth?

How much money dmx worth

Did Kurt Cobain love his daughter?

Yes he very much loved his daughter Frances Bean Cobain. In his suicide letter he specified to his wife to take good care of her and he only did what he thought would be best for Frances. He also married Courtney Love because she was pregnant and he didn't want to abandon his soon to be child.