How old is deadmau5?

Updated: 8/30/2023
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well theres three extra guys that are in Deadmau5

there are:




i here there are three but idk

im a dj to so yea im a beast

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Joel Thomas Zimmerman was born in January 5, 1981

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Q: How old is deadmau5?
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How does deadmau5?

deadmau5 is a DJ that is EPIC!

Is deadmau5 married or single?

Deadmau5 is single!

Who wrote ghosts n stuff by deadmau5?


Does deadmau5 have cancer?

is fake ! deadmau5 doesen't have cancer !

Is Deadmau5 a dubstep producer?

Deadmau5 is not a dubstep producer. He is Electro House.

Is Deadmau5 single?

no deadmau5 has a girlfriend named Kat Von D

Who is the best Skrillex or Deadmau5?

Who is the best between Skrillex and Deadmau5 is somewhat a matter of opinion. Deadmau5 says that he is the best but both musicians are friends.

How do you get deadmau5 on woozworld?

you could hack people with deadmau5 but that would be unfair for the person who bought it, what i would do to find deadmau5 is to go to facebook and find people who are selling accounts with deadmau5 -there is a girl out there that has about 10 deadmau5 accounts, sadly i forgot her name on facebook) well i hope this was helpful! :3

Where can you buy a Deadmau5 mouse head large toy figure?

Who came first skrillex or deadmau5?

skrillex came way before deadmau5.

How do you get deadmau5 unitz on woozworld?

Put your Butt on your face then lick it then you will have Deadmau5 Unit for free!!

What is deadmau5 name in dj hero 2?

his name in dj hero 2 is deadmau5 you idiots