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Yoda was 933 when he died

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Yoda was 900 years old

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Q: How old was yoda when he died?
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Did Bob martin kill yoda?

No. Yoda died of old age (900 years old) in Return of the Jedi.

Is yoda alive?

Yoda is no longer alive. He died in the 6th movie Return of the Jedi due to old age.

Did the Sith kill yoda by injecting him with the die of old age disease?

No. Yoda simply died of old age. Cut him some slack, after all, he DID live for 900 years!

How old was Yoda's son?

Yoda has no son.

Who kills yoda?

No one. He died because he was old and his mission was complete. never trust Wkii answers because i farted on them and killed my dog and yoda came and cused me out

How old is Yoda from star wars episode 1?

Yoda is around 900 years old in "Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace."

How oid is Yoda?

There is not an exact age said in the movies but Yoda said that he has been training Jedi for 900 years. Meaning he was over 900 years old when he died in the 6th movie 'The empire strikes back'

Will Yoda teach Darth Vader's old apprentice new abilities?

No. Yoda died in Return of the Jedi so he can no longer teach anyone the ways of the Jedi. If he were alive though, he wouldn't teach the ways of the Dark Side.

Why did master yoda died?

Because at the age his species only lives about 899 years, Yoda lived longer. - Mr. Seidsclag

how old is baby yoda?

Baby Yoda is 50 when The Mandalorian begins in 9 ABY, and not much time passes between seasons. The Force Awakens picks up the story in 34 ABY, meaning Baby Yoda would be a whole 75 years old.

When did Junichi Ueno die?

Jun'ichi Yoda died in 1997.

Who was the last person that yoda trained to be a jedi?

Luke Skywalker was the last one, because after he trained Luke , Yoda died and told him that he was the last jedi.