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Wonderful. I know exactly what Jacqueline du Pre meant when at the age of 3 or 4 she said, 'I want the thing that makes that sound'.

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Q: How would you describe the sound a cello makes?
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How would you describe the sound that the saxophone makes?

I would describe it as a mix between the blaring sound of a trumpet and the woodwind sound of a clarinet

What string instrument makes the lowest sound?

The cello makes the lowest sound of a string instrument.

How would you describe the sound a seagull makes?

loud and very noisey that they sound like they are screaming.

Which cello sounds best with a good bow?

Stratavarius would be the best sounding cello that would sound good with a great bow.

What does a loud sound with a low pitch look like?

It would be a bass or a cello.

How would you describe what a cello looks like in a descriptive way?

A cello looks like a large violin. It is usually a deep brown or red, but also can be a light orange. The bow of a cello is a long narrow stick of wood, which is fastened to the the horse hairs which you move across the cello's strings to make a sound. The cello has a long neck and is played with you knees bent so they are visible on either side of the cello. Cellos make amazingly beautiful sounds, and are quiet beautiful them selfs! =)

What is the verb to describe the 'aww' sound a female makes when something is cute or sweet?

Some verbs to describe this reaction would be: - fawning over - to admire - to gush

How would you describe the sound a cricket makes?

Repetitive hollow (echoing) clicking, with a raising pitch in each individual click

Can you play cello songs on the violin?

If they are transposed to a higher register, cello pieces can easily be played on the violin. However, the tone color between the cello and violin are very different, so many cello pieces would not sound as good on the violin .

How would you Describe the sound a harp makes?

I would suggest soothing, warm vibrations.Well, say that it sounds like cheery and joyful, relaxing and peaceful.

How would you describe the rhythm of Blues songs?

I would describe it as a sad, slow, emotional sound.

How would you describe the sound a swallow makes?

Well, there are 83 species of swallow in the world, and the ones I know all sound a little different, but warbling and twittering are two words you can use.

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