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Of course not, assuming its innocent and you actually like the guy/girl. But don't just date so that you can say you have a boyfriend/girlfriend. Date because you like him/her.

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11y ago
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That depends on your parents house rules. My son is 13 and I say he is too young to be thinking on this level. Right now he needs to focus on school and defining himself and having fun with his friends, which can be girls too, I tell him if he wants to go out with a girl he needs to do so in groups. A relationship is a complicated thing and way to involved for 13 year old. Have all the fun you can now because your micro world will soon turn macro and the fun is far and few in between.

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13y ago

If your parents are okay with it then I don't see a problem. Besides, in middle school dating isn't really the same as when your older. It just involves hugging, holding hands and saying I love you. A lot of the time there isn't even an actual date.

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The best time for a boy and a girl to be boyfriend and girlfriend is middle school which is about when you are 9-13 and i am 9 and i have a boyfriend and my friend does too!

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Q: If you are 13 years old can you have a boyfriend?
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