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Probably not. Although the insurance company may give you a discount for taking the course, it will probably be much less than the amount your insurance went up after the accident.

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Q: If you are at fault and opt for a driver's course to remove the points from your license does it also remove the points from your insurance policy?
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Do Florida points accrue to a Maryland license?

My information is that the ticket will show for insurance points but not for drivers license points. You can verify with the MD DMV.

Does insurance go up for juvenile drivers with 2 points on their license?

Yes, by a lot.

How many points does insurance count for suspended drivers license and how long does it stay on record with insurance company in Arizona?

A suspension of the drivers license will be visible for 5 years on your driving record and doesn't show up as any points.

How long do points stay on your license for no insurance?

when do points come of license for insurance

If your drivers license is suspended for to many points what type of insurance must you either purchase or prove that you had on effective date of the suspension?

You must have SR22 insurance

The requirements of administrative laws?

they require you to get a drivers license doint lose any points get your certificate of title get your vehicle registered get insurance

How do you find out how many points are on your Alabama drivers license?

Go to the DMV and get a print out on your record. You can also get it on line, for a fee, of course.

How do you determine how many points will be assessed for a speeding ticket?

This depends entirely on state law. Some states do not even have a point system and the same speeding violation can carry different point values in different states. The clerk of court or the DMV in your home state can advise you of how a particular violation will effect your drivers license. Remember that insurance points are different from drivers license points. You may be charged an additional insurance premium for a speeding ticket even though it carriers no drivers license points. lwpat

How many points does an Open Queensland Drivers License?

12 points

How can affordable auto insurance be beneficial to a new driver?

Insurance companies sometimes offer discounts or lower premiums to experienced drivers who are younger. Having no points against one's drivers license can mean a lower premium.

How many points on the drivers license do you start with?


What is the penalty for too many points on your drivers license?

you get fined and lose license

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