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The courts in your state are obviously attempting to impress upon you the severity of what you have done, and the importance of the legal system in making the roads safer for everyone. Your failure to appear as directed was evidence to them that you do not consider it important, at least that's the way they must feel. At this point it's probably best for you to talk to the judge or your local drivers license people to see what you can do. What you are describing is dependant upon state laws and you'll need to find out from someone who is knowledgable about the laws in your state. Good luck and when/if you get your license back, drive safely.

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Q: If your license is suspended due to 'failure to appear for defensive driver's class' how long will it be suspended and how do you get it reinstated?
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Can a driver's license be suspended for failure to respond to a 1998 summons if the DMV failed to notify the alledged offender in a timely manner in New York?

Yes, they can suspend the license. Failure to notify would have to be proven to get it reinstated, or the reason for the summons resolved.

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What does 'failure to appear for DDC' mean?

Failure to appear for Defensive Driving Course.

What is the limitations for a failure to appear on a driving on a suspended license in California?

A failure to appear warrant will be issued and your license will probably be suspended.

Can drivers license get suspended if you don't have one?

Accumulation of too many points, failure to pay fines or fees to the state, conviction of driving under the influence, (for CDL holders) use of a CMV in the commission of a felony.

What are three examples of how person's license can be suspended?

hit and run, failure to appear for a court date, driving on a suspended or no valid licence

Can your license be suspended for failure to appear?

Yes and an arrest warrant may be issued.

What does it mean if your California license status is withheld?

When your California license is with held it means that it is suspended. The license can be suspended for a variety of reasons such as failure to pay insurance.

Can you get a drivers license if you move to another state if your state suspended you for child support?

If you are paying your child support, then they don't have the right to do anything to you. If you are NOT paying then the state, not dmv, can have not only your drivers license suspended, but any type of license you have including your business license.

In the state of Florida your driver's license can be suspended indefinitely for failure to pay child support?

In the state of Florida, your driver's license can be __________ for failure to pay child support.

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