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No, he is actually Marvin Winans' son

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Marvin Winans Sr.

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Q: Is BeBe Winans father to Mario Winans?
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Is Mario winans related to bebe and cece winans?

Yes, Mario Winans is their nephew.

What is bebe winans real name?

BeBe Winans's birth name is Benjamin Winans.

Is BeBe Winans a judge on sunday's best?

Will BeBe Winans be coming back? I do like Donny McClurkin, but BeBe is better.

Is being gay the reason why BeBe Winans marriage ended?

BeBe Winans has not come out as gay.

Are BeBe and CeCe Winans related to Marvin Winans?

Benjamin "BeBe" Winans and Priscilla "CeCe" Winans are siblings in gospel's legendary Winans family. Another sibling in that family is Marvin L. Winans, Sr., who is also the pastor of Perfecting Church in Detroit, MI. Vickie Winans (maiden: Bowman) is the ex-wife of Marvin L. Winans, Sr. To that end, she is the "former" sister-in-law of BeBe & CeCe Winans. No bad blood, though, praise God!

Bebe winans gay?

Bebe winans was Happily married to wife Debbie they have two children, and no he's not gay

Who are Bebe Winans' sisters?


What are BeBe and CeCe Winans real first names?

Originally known as "The Winans Part 2", BeBe and CeCe, who are children number 7 and 8 of "Mom" and "Pop" Winans are actually called Benjamin (BeBe) and Priscilla (CeCe).

Who is Bishop Ronald Brown?

Bishop Ronald Brown is the father of Mario Winans and the Ex-husband of Vickie Winans.

How tall is bebe winans?


How many children do Bebe Winans have?

A lot.

Black gospel song about a train?

"This Train" it was made popular by the late Pop winans. Father of Bebe & Cece Winans. This song can be found on the Azuza music series by Carlton Pearson.