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Oh, I'd say he looks lovely,lush,fit and wonderful he looks like a girl

Note: Both this contributor's opinion (as well as my own, which was posted earlier but then replaced by this comment above me) are opinions. There is no definitive answer as to how "good-looking" someone is, as they are merely opinions.

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Justin Bieber mostly gets his fame from his looks. Nothing else. He's a talented singer but they're are far better singers in the world then him. His looks get him money and girls and that's what he is all about.

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Q: Is Justin Bieber popular for his looks?
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How does Justin Bieber mom looks?

She is Pretty!!

Where does Justin Bieber get his looks?

He gets them from his parents :)

Is len better than Justin Bieber?

Justin bieber is way better than Len in singing and looks

How popular is Justin Bieber's hair?

Very popular! Its amazing!

What is a popular Justin Bieber song?


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God! Heavenly good looks

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