Is Korey Cooper gothic

Updated: 10/19/2022
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Korey Cooper is not Gothic, she is a Christian.

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Q: Is Korey Cooper gothic
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Is john cooper marred with korey cooper?

Yes, John and Korey Cooper are married.

Who is married to korey cooper?

John Cooper, lead singer of Skillet, is married to Korey Cooper

When was Korey Cooper born?

Korey Cooper was born on July 21, 1972.

When is Korey Cooper's birthday?

Korey Cooper of Skillet was born July 21, 1972.

What is Korey Cooper's real last name?

Korey Cooper's real last name is Pingetore.

Did Korey Cooper from Skillet get pregnant?

Yes, Korey Cooper was pregnant twice as she had two kids.

Who is Xavier Cooper?

Xaiver Cooper is John and Korey Cooper's son.

What Skilet CD did Korey Cooper first appear on?

Korey Cooper first appeared (photographs and music) on the album Invincible.

How old is Korey Cooper?

Korene 'Korey' Cooper (from Skillet) is 44 years old. She was born July 21, 1972.

Is John Cooper married or going out with Korey?

Skillet's lead singer John Cooper and Skillet keyboardist/guitarist Korey Cooper married around 2002.

Is Jen ledger daughter of Jon cooper?

No John and korey have two kids Alex cooper and Xavier cooper Jen is not the daughter of either John or korey

Who is Korey Cooper?

Korey Cooper plays keyboard and guitar in the Christian rock band, Skillet. She is married to Skillet's frontman John Cooper, and has two small children.