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No. Lil' Twist and Lil' Wayne are not related. Lil' Wayne is like a brother or father to Lil' Twist but they aren't really related. If you go on and go on LilTwistTv, in one of his videos he talks about Lil' Wayne.

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Q: Is Lil Wayne realted to lil twist?
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How did Lil Wayne find Lil twist?

on his myspace lil twist actually opened a show for lil wayne

Are Lil Wayne and lil twist brothers?

no lil Wayne and lil chuckee are

Who is Lil Wayne's brothers name?

is lil Wayne lil twist brother

Is lil twist really lil Wayne's brother?

Actually, Lil twist's dad is Lil Wayne's baby's momma's cousin : Big Steve Big Steve and his Brother Do security for Lil Wayne

Does lil chuckee have a brother?

lil Wayne and lil twist.

Is birdman the father of lil wanye lil twist and lil chucky?

No . Birdman Is Like A Father To Lil Wayne & Lil Wayne Is Like A Father / Big Brother To Lil Twist & Lil Chucky .

Why does Lil Twist say that Lil Wayne dughter is his lil sister?

Because lil Wayne is like a big brother to lil twist and he feels like his daughter is his lil sister BUT THEY AREN'T RELATED

How did lil Wayne meat lil twist?

they're cousins

Who made lil twist famous?

My brother Lil Wayne

What is lil twist to lil Wayne?

LIL TWIST and lil Wayne are not related its just that lil Wayne knows lil twist's dad because when lil twist was only 6 years old he had made this little video and then when he grew up he got signed to young money. but no they are not related in any type of way at all.hope yhurr happy <3

Is lil twist Lil Waynes brother?

No Lil' Twist has a different mother and father and they just call each other brothers because they consider their label a "family" so everybody there is your brother or sister if you are singed to the record label.

Why is lil twist famous?

lil twist was introduced by lil Wayne they consider themselves brothers. He is the next big thing.