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No his mother is Debbie Rowe, Michael and Lisa never had any children together.

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Q: Is Michael Jackson oldest son Lisa Marie's?
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Did Michael Jackson have chillren by Lisa?


Who dumped Michael Jackson?

Lisa Marie.

Did Michael Jackson really send gifts to Lisa Marie presely's twins?

No, Michael and Lisa had no contact.

What year was Lisa and Michael Jackson's wedding thae place?

Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley were married in 1994. The were married for 20 months.

What pop video did Lisa Marie Presley feature with Michael Jackson?

I wouldn't consider it POP ...but Lisa DID Starr in Michael Jackson's "You are not alone video" Check it out on youtube ;)

Did Elvis and Michael Jackson know each other?

No..but Michael Jackson did marry Elvis's daughter Lisa.

Why was Michael Jackson's marriage to Lisa secret?

It wasn't.

Who was the girl Michael Jackson pl?

Lisa Presley

Was Lisa Marie Presley 10 years younger than Michael Jackson?

Yes Lisa Marie Presley is 10 years younger than Michael Jackson.

Who was Michael Jackson divorced from?

Michael Jackson was divorced from Lisa Marie Presley (1996) and Debbie Rowe (1999).

How many times did Michael Jackson kiss Lisa Marie kiss?

Ask Lisa.

Was Lisa Marie at Michael Jackson's funeral?

Yes, Lisa attended with her daughter Riley.