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My Chemical Romance is not an Emo Band, they're more of a ROCK BAND like Panic! at the disco. Such as, Me You At Six, is an emo band. People just label MCR as a Emo Group because of the clothes they wear, but that doesn't make them Emo. Fact.


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Q: Is My Chemical Romance an Emo band?
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If mcr is considered 'emo' what is emo?

If you are referring to the band "My Chemical Romance", then it it not usually considered "emo".

What kind of band is your chemical romance?

Did you mean my chemical romance? They are an alternative rock band. some people consider them emo.

Is your Chemical Romance a punk band?

My Chemical Romance are more goth punk. They are seen by a lot of people as emo, but they don't like to be called emo. xx

Did Gerard Way belong to a singing group?

He did and still does belong to the EMO band my chemical romance.

Do you have to be emo to date mikey from my chemical romance?

A) The band isn't emo, so no. B) Mikey Way is married to Alicia Simmons-Way.

What is the best emo band?

It differs to each person but i think Tokio Hotel and My Chemical Romance the best.

Is your chemical romance a emo band?

- First, My chemical romance, not your chemical romance. second, no, they're too fawsome to be emo - Stop treating emo as if it was a bad thing. That's stupid. Emo is a genre of music, a lifestyle (which doesn't include suicide and depression) and a style of fashion. My Chemical Romance is not emo. However, scene kids and major record labels keep labelling them emo because of their emotional lyrics and hardcore-inspired songs. They're REALLY popular among emos too, and that makes people think that they are part of the emo genre.

Is My Chemical Romance emo?

My Chemical Romance are often slung into the 'Emo' genre of music, although they are not emo. Fans commonly describe their music as 'alternative rock, pop-punk, post-hardcore, but definitely not emo.' My Chemical Romance are a band that have struggled through a lot together, and helped a lot of people struggle through a lot of things as well. They do have some songs about death and tragic topics, which is where the misconception of them being 'emo' was born.

What type of music does your chemical romance play?

My Chemical Romance can be in a few different music genres. Most people when they watch one of their videos would think its emo-rock. But the band has said many times that they are not emo. They can also be rock or alternative rock.

How many albums has the band Chemical Romance produced?

The band Chemical Romance is not a band; there is no band known as Chemical Romance. Therefore, the band has produced zero albums, as the band doesn't exist.

When will Your Chemical Romance be on tour in England?

it wont, caus ethe band IS MY chemical romance it wont, caus ethe band IS MY chemical romance

Is My Chemical Romance a Christian band?

If you are talking about My Chemical Romance,then not really.They are a metal/rock band.

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