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As of July 2010, Rachelle is currently on tour. She is also in the studio working on a new CD that she is trying to release later this year.

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no duhhhh

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Q: Is Rachelle Ferrell married
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Is rachelle ferrell a mother?

Rachelle Ferrell has no children.

What is Rachelle Ferrell's real name?

Rachelle Stephanie Barnes

When is Rachelle Ferrell's Birthday?

Rachelle Ferrell's birthday is May 21st. I heard it directly from her at the Capital Jazz Festival.

Is Rachelle Ferrell gay?

Rachelle Ferrell's religion is not known. Rachelle Ferrelle is a contemporary jazz artist. She is also a composer and arranger.

Is Rachelle Ferrell a Lesbian?

I wish.

How many albums does rachelle ferrell has?


What city does rachelle ferrell live?

Los Angeles

Who are the singers on george duke's no rhyme or reason?

Rachelle Ferrell

What is Rachelle Ferrell best known for?

Rachelle Ferrell is best known for her talent as a contemporary jazz singer. She also has had success in the R&B, pop, gospel, and classical music scenes.

When did Will Ferrell get married?

Will Ferrell married to Viveca Paulin in 2000

When did mike Ferrell get married?

mike Ferrell married to Judy Hayden from 1963 to 1983 mike Ferrell married to Shelley Fabares in 1984

When did Conchata Ferrell get married?

Conchata Ferrell married to Arnie Anderson in 1986