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Q: Is Toby keiths brother in his music video bullits in the gun?
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Is avril's brother is in her music video?

yes.Avril's brother(Matt) has a music video with her sister Avril these music video's are :1. Hot 2. Girlfriend

Who is the female medic in Toby keiths as good as you once was video?

Ursula Magner

What was the first Jonas brother music video?

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Nikki Ryann

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in the rise above this music video by seether the girl's name is bianca shaw. and the "brother" is Michael conti.

Does pixie lott have a brother?

Yes, he appeared in her music video for 'Boys and Girls'.

Is Danielle Deleasa in the Burnin' Up music video?

Danielle Deleasa was not in the Jonas Brother's Burning Up music video. It may look like her but it is not her. Just like it is not Taylor Swift in the Burning Up music video.The only celebrity or person that a Jonas Brother has dated that appears in the music video is Selena Gomez, who appears has Nick's date and damsel in distress.

Who plays pat bentar's little brother in love is a battlefield music video?

justin gaston

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I think he's 18 now. Look up the music video Regan by Whirlwind Heat, he's 14 during the music video. Gube's little brother is the one on top of the car.

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Emma Watson's brother, Alex Watson.

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it is Blake Shelton Brother grave they made the song about him.

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