Is Zayn Malik single

Updated: 11/1/2022
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Apparently, APPARENTLY he has a girlfriend called Samantha Urbani.
Yes, he's single.

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Q: Is Zayn Malik single
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Who is the girl friend from Zayn Malik?

No-one. he is single

Is zayn dating anyone?

NO! Zayn Malik is single but in the future he's dating me and marrying me!! ;)

Who is hotter Zayn Malik or joe Jonas?

zayn oviously

Why do zayn malik?

why not do zayn Malik

How many kids does Zayn Malik have?

Zayn Malik does not have any kids.

Is Zayn Malik in love?

Zayn Malik

Who are Zayn Malik's parent's?

Zayn Malik's parents are Yaser and Tricia Malik.

What is the birth name of Zayn Malik?

Zayn Malik's birth name is Zayn Jawaad Malik.

Has Zayn Malik got a girl friend?

No, he's single at the moment.

How do you pronounce Zayn Malik's name?

Zayn malik

What grade is Zayn Malik in?

ilove you zayn malik .

Where doe Zayn Malik live?

Zayn Malik lives in Bradford, England.