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Q: Is the note that makes a seventh chord the seventh note of the chord?
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What are the notes in the chord C7?

The first, third, fifth, and seventh note derived from the C major scale, so: C-E-G-B for a major seventh chord (Cmaj7) and the seventh note flattened to Bb or B flat in the C7 chord commonly used in pop/blues as a final chord but in most Classical Music to be resolved in F.

Where in a dominant 7th chord do you find the tritone?

The interval made of of the third and the minor seventh makes a tritone.

How do you form a half of diminished chord in piano theory?

I'm assuming you mean a half-diminished seventh, since half-diminished triads don't exist. Start with a diminished triad (stacked minor thirds, like C-Eb-Gb or F-Ab-Cb) and add a minor seventh (for the C chord, Bb; for the F chord, Eb).

What do all imperfect cadences have in common?

A movement from the tonic to the dominant seventh chord.

Which note in the chord is the baritone note?

Depends on the chord.

When do you use which chord for harmonization?

Typically, the note of the scale that you are on will be the chord that you play. 1 major 2 minor 3 minor 4 major 5 dominant seventh 6 minor 7 diminished

How is the Italian sixth chord constructed?

The Italian chord is a dominant seventh chord without the fifth of the chord. C E Bb

Why does the major seventh chord belong to the subdominant?

In a major scale the subdominant chord is a major chord,thus the dominant chord is major7.

A triad is a what?

three-note chord (apex)

How can you figure seventh chords is it the seventh note of the root of the chord?

If I understand the question correctly, the answer is yes. For example: the 7th note of the C scale is the 7th of a C chord. If it's lowered a half step, it's called a dominant chord, and if it is not flatted, it's called a major 7th. In the case of the C scale, it's the B. C, E, G, and B is a Cmaj7. C, E, G, and B-flat is a C7.

What is the name of the 3 note chord F?

The III note is A. However, the 3rd note in the chord is the V note. That is C. The F major chord is F, A, C.

What does the chord of c mean?

Means it's a chord were C is the fundamental note. The fundamental note, is the note from were the chord is constructed. So if it's a C major chord, it could be C E G or C E G B