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The Christmas Song by Celine Dion is one of 16 songs on her These Are Special Times album. This album recorded in 1988 was her first english holiday album.

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Q: On which album can one find the Christmas Song by Celine Dion?
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The song I am What if your Angel from the album R is by which artists?

Celine Dion & R. Kelly

Which site can someone use to view the lyrics of the song Immortality by Celine Dion?

You can view the lyrics to the song Immortality by Celine Dion from lyric sites such as SongMeanings, MetroLyrics, or AZLyrics. You can also find the lyrics to the song in the linear notes for the Celine Dion album containing the song Immortality.

Who sang the titanic theme song?

Titanic Song: My Heart Will Go On Celine Dion sang MY HEART WILL GO ON.. That's the right answer!!

What is the song title with day has come in by Celine Dion?

There is a song and an album with the name "A New Day Has Come."

When did Celine Dion record Goodbye?

The correct name of the song should be Goodbye's (The Saddest Word, which was recorded in 2002 by Celine Dion. This song is released in her sixth album A New Day Has Come.

When did Celine Dion release the song 'My Heart Will Go On'?

My Heart Will Go On was released by Celine Dion in 1997. It was used as the theme song in the popular movie Titanic. The song was released on both the soundtrack to Titanic, and Celine's album titled Let's Talk About Love.

When did Celine Dion record the song 'All by Myself'?

Celine Dion's cover for the song 'All by myself,' which was originally made by Eric Carmen, was recorded and released in the year of 1996 and was put on her "Falling Into You" album.

Where can one find lyrics to the Celine Dion song Power of Love?

Celine Dion recorded Power of Love for her 1993 album, The Colour of My Love. The lyrics to this, and all the other songs featured on the album, are included in the sleeve notes.

When was Immortality - Celine Dion song - created?

Immortality - Celine Dion song - was created on 1998-06-08.

When was Misled - Celine Dion song - created?

Misled - Celine Dion song - was created on 1994-03-28.

What is the Title of Celine Dion song she wrote for her dying niece?

Celine didn't write it, but Jean Jacques Goldman wrote "Vole" (on the album 'D'eux', translated into "Fly" on the Falling into you album)

When was I'm Alive - Celine Dion song - created?

I'm Alive - Celine Dion song - was created on 2002-08-12.