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First of all, let's hope you've been using a rubber. I'd like to say your question is well worded, it shows your true feelings. Are you revealing your true feelings to your guy-friend? That's one important issue here. More importantly, how have you contributed to his drinking problem? That is an underlying problem and will tear the two of you apart. Also, if you indeed are turning him off, ask yourself if you are obese or have acne. Either if those conditions are treatable. It's obvious from your eloquence that you are an intelligent man, but maybe he needs more. Offer him head, or a backrub, or perhaps a manage-a-trois. Maybe that will bring his drinking under control. Best of luck to you.

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2006-04-25 16:10:21
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Q: Should you be concerned that you're turning him off if you and your guy friend have been talking for about two months but lately he's been avoiding you and he has a drinking problem?
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