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Tequila is the name of the song. Dah da da daa da, tequila.

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Q: The song goes dah dah dah dah turn on?
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What is the song where it goes like Dah dah dah blue It's country?

Im Preeeeeeety sure the song is 'Im blue' ,

What is the song from rock band that goes like da na na nah nah nah da na dah dah dah?

oh yeah i know that one ? I think it might be "Still, You Turn Me On", by Emerson, Lake and Palmer

What is the song that goes dah dah da dah da-daa dah da daah dah at the end it was played on 100.1 The Buzz?

I think its "The downfall of us all" by a day to remember?

What song goes dodo dodo dodo dododo and then repeats?

Actually I think it is called Da-Da-Da by the German band, Trio.

What the name of swedish dance song dah dah dah dah dah dada?

Sangen om espen

What is the song that goes something like de dah doo dah doo dah boom boom ererererererer beat beat beat pow pow pow boom boom please help before new years I have to sing this song at a campground?

Boom Boom Pow? By Black Eyed Peas..?

What is the song that is in The Lord of the Rings that is like Dah Dah DAHdah Dah Dha dahdah. I've heard that it is a german song about the seasons.?

it was composed solely for LOTR, but I know not what it is called.

Name inspirational song with no lyrics da dada Dah da dada Da dah--da dada DAh da dada Da dah?

odd couple

What is the song that has yo turn it up in it and then goes into levels by avicii?

Turn the levels up

What song is considered Walt's first produced hit song?


What Disney movie is Zip-a-dee-doo-dah from?

The song "Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah" was first featured in the Disney movie "Song of the South" from 1946. It was sung by James Baskett, who played the character Uncle Remus.

What are the lyrics to the Discovery Channel full song Boom De Ya Da?

I remember learning that song as a child in Music class in the 1970s. The lyrics I recall, which do not match what they sang in the commercials, are...I love the mountains.I love the rolling hills.I love the flowers.I love the daffodils.I love the fire sideWhen all the lights are low.Boom-dee-yah-dah, boom-dee-yah-dah,Boom-dee-yah-dah, boom-dee-yah-dah,Boom-dee-yah-dah, boom-dee-yah-dah,Boom-dee-yah-dah, boom-dee-yah-dah.(repeat)