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Yes I'm trying to find "Kates Theme" from Absolute Power sheet music

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Q: Trying to find the sheet music for piano for Kate's Theme from Absolute Power?
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Can a dog be a theme?

No, a theme is what an author is trying to teach you...

Where can I get piano sheet music for Kate's Theme from the movie Absolute Power?

You can get music sheets off music websites. e.g. type in music sheet lyrics and notes.

Suppose an author writes a story about a princess who chooses to marry the stable boy instead of the prince. With this reversal in character depiction what theme is the author most likely trying to em?

a theme about how appearances can be deceiving.

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One of the most recurring themes is that "Love trumps all." This is shown when Voldemort attempts to kill Harry as an infant, but fails due to his mother's love for him. Another common theme is something along the lines of: "Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely." This is shown when Dumbledore uses power as a teenager most unwisely. Best Wishes

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