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Yes, by most accounts, her relationship with her husband Bobby Brown was abusive, and that is one reason why they got divorced.

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Q: Was Whitney Houston in an abusive relationship?
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Who is Patricia Watson and what is her relationship to Whitney Houston?

Patricia Watson was Whitney Houston's sister and law and her manager. She is married to Whitney's brother Gary Houston.

Is Aretha Franklin the aunt of Whitney Houston?

While Whitney always felt as if Aretha was her aunt, there was no biological relationship. However, Aretha was Whitney Houston's godmother.

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Who was Whitney Houston dating?

Before Houston's death, she was in a relationship with R&B singer Ray J.

Did ray j ever date Whitney Houston?

yes. They had an on-and-off relationship

What relationship is Cece abd Bebe Winans to Whitney Houston?

brother and sister

Were Ray J and Whitney Houston dating?

According to most sources, Whitney Houston and Ray J had an on-again, off-again relationship, but they were dating at the time of her death.

Is Whitney Houston pregnant?

No, Whitney Houston is not pregnant.

Was Whitney Houston important?

whitney houston is not important

Is Whitney Houston single?

No, Whitney Houston is not single.

Did Whitney Houston marry bobby brown?

Yes, they were married in 1992 but their relationship turned abusive, with Brown accused of hitting his wife. He was also seen by her family as a bad influence, because the two of them were using drugs, which they believed he had encouraged. Brown and Houston were divorced in 2007.

How many children did Whitney Houston's parents have?

Together, Whitney Houston's parents had two children, Michael Houston and Whitney Houston.

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