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Very much so. Gregorian chants later in the Middle Ages started to become composed by artists who would write pieces for the church and pieces for secular crowds as well. So basically it was the artists that transitioned causing attention to the secular style of their pieces.

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You will have to say what it is that you wish to compare with Gregorian Chant.

'What does Gregorian Chant have in common with .... ?'

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No. Gregorian chant was earlier than the medieval period, and is almost exclusively monophonic.

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Q: Was secular music based on gregorian chant?
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Is gregorian chant devil work or music?

Gregorian chant is beautiful and prayerful music.

WhaT IS AN example of nonmetrical music?

Gregorian chant

What is examples of sacred music?

Hymns are often sung in churches.

What words does not describe Gregorian Chant?

'Polyphony' does not describe Gregorian chant.

What type of chant became the predominant type of music in Roman Catholic churches during the early middle ages?

Gregorian chant

What liturgical music is named after Pope Saint Gregory I?

Gregorian Chant

What were the most popular band in the year 1000?

There weren't popular bands or artists at that time. Most music was written in the form of chant and usually for mass. There were many different types of chants based on region, however eventually the standardized chant was the gregorian chant, named after a myth told about Pope gregory. Shortly after 1000 CE, secular music (that is music not written for church) became more popular, especially the music of the troubadours in Southern France.

What is the description on kalinga apayao music?

music that focussed on the production of the gregorian chant in the catholic churt

Originally Gregorian chant music was played in order to accompany movies?


Why does Gregorian chant sounds so different from other types of western music?

Gregorian chant has a very distinctive sound because it is meant to put the listener into a contemplative or meditative state.

What affect sacred vocal music and secular vocal music had on music of later periods of music?

Sacred music was for the use within the 'Church', based on Holy text to praise God. Melodies were often based on Plain-chant. Secular music was music 'for the people', text was often based on county tales and folklaw. This music would have probably danced to.

Secular music in the fourteenth century?

Very little music from the Medieval era is present today. And even less so in the secular variety. The Medieval era was primarily religious, mostly stapled by Gregorian Chant, motets and organa. The little secular music came mostly from french musicians - northern wandering Trouveres and the southern Troubadours. Today, you would be VERY hard pressed to find any Medieval secular music in popular music today. Very little existed back then. And even fewer exist now.