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Wolfgang's father, Leopold, played pianoforte and violin, and his sister, Nannerl, played the pianoforte.

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Q: Was there any more members that played in Mozart family?
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What instrument Mozart play?

Mozart played the piano and violin. However he is far more known for the works he composed during his life.

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Mozart's father introduced him to the pianoforte when he was four years old. Mozart began writing compositions when he was five years old. From then, he taught himself the violin, viola, and organ. Mozart also played the harpsichord. For more information, read this article:

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Mozart's parents were very supportive of him. Mozart's father (Leopold Mozart), was one of his only teachers, and Mozart's mother (Anna Maria Mozart), went on tour with him 3 or more times.

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Mozart's influences were Bach's son and Franz Haydn. Haydn was more of an influence to him. Mozart dedicated a set of six sting quartets to Haydn.

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Mozart was taught keyboard by his father by age four, more specifically the clavichord. By age five he was composing short pieces for the clavichord and teaching himself the violin.

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