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during a naval battle the two fought each other ( Battle of Erash). Both exhausted their resources and called a truce. from there on they fought as partners.

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Q: Were Sir Walter Raleigh and Sir Francis Drake friends?
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What explorer helped queen elizabeth the first?

it was sir francis drake and sir Walter Raleigh

Who was the explorer who sailed under the British flag?

Sir Francis Drake Sir Walter Raleigh

Who was living while shakespeare was?

his wife Queen Elizabeth I Sir Francis Drake Sir Walter Raleigh Cervantes

Who are famous figures in Elizabethan England?

Francis Drake, Walter Raleigh, William Shakespeare, Queen Elizabeth 1

Who were the famous people from 1542 to 1587 in England?

Queen Elizabeth 1, Francis Drake, Walter Raleigh, John Hawkins.

When did Sir Francis Drake get his nickname seadog?

Sea Dog was not a nickname for Sir Francis Drake. Sea Dogs was a name given to a group of Elizabethan sailors including Drake, John Hawkins, Walter Raleigh and Martin Frobisher

Who were two explorers Queen Elizabeth supported?

The two explorers Queen Elizabeth supported were Sir Walter Raleigh and Sir Francis Drake.

What where the names of Tudor explorers?

Christopher Columbus, Ferdinand Magellan, Sir Francis Drake, John Hawkins and Walter Raleigh. sorry only few! :(

What explorer did the English King send on an expedition to the Indies to help England compete for land?

so they can get some goods and spices and be friends with the indies hope you like the answer

What year did Walter Raleigh bring potatoes to Ireland?

I looked on this page in the related link below.It was Sir Francis Drake in 1580 when he returned from his circumnavigation of the globe

Where did Queen Elizabeth I explore?

Queen Elizabeth funded for the explorations of the seas. Walter Raleigh and Francis Drake sailed to America and brought back goods such as potatoes and tobacco for England.

Who were the three English sea dogs?

There were actually four English sea dogs. They were: -Sir John Hawkins -Sir Francis Drake -Sir Walter Raleigh -Sir Martin Frobisher