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The Deep Purple song, "Smoke on the Water," was originally released on their 1972 album, Machine Head.

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Q: What album is Smoke on the Water originally on?
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Who sings smock on the water?

If by "smock on the water", you mean "Smoke on the Water", then the answer would be the English rock band, Deep Purple, which was formed in 1968. "Smoke on the Water" was released in 1972, from the album "Machine Head".

Who sing the original smoke on the water?

The original "Smoke on the Water" was performed by Deep Purple, a rock band from England. It was released in 1972 on their album "Machine Head."

Which Deep Purple album features the hits Smoke on the Water and Highway Star?

"Machine Head"

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Why is the song sang by Deep Purple called Smoke o Water?

"Smoke On The Water" tells the true story of a fire in the recording studio during the making of the album 'Machine Head.' The sight of smoke from the fire drifting across a river inspired the lyrics.