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I have been sitting here for five minutes shuttling Beethoven's catalog through my head, and I cannot think of a single form extant in his time that he did not compose music in. He did write only one Opera (Fidelio) although it was an excellent one, but he wrote prolifically in virtually every other form of his time.

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His most well known pieces within the cultural consciousness, instantly recgnizable to pretty much anyone, are his Fifth Symphony, the Sixth Symphony, the Ninth Symphony, the Moonlight Sonata, and Für Elise. However, people only really recognize the first movement of the Fifth Symphony, the first movement of the Sixth Symphony, the main theme and little snatches of section of the Ninth Symphony, and the first movement of Moonlight Sonata (Für Elise is a standalone piece, however). The Third Symphony is also discussed quite a bit by Classical Music audiences but I'm not entirely sure if many people besides classical music fans, students, performers, and scholars would know it that well.

If you wanted some pieces not necessarily in the cultural consciousness but ones that are really significant to scholars and performers, try Missa Solemnis, a mass setting for choir and orchestra, Fidelio, his only opera, Große Fuge, one of his most radical works, the Violin Concerto, and the Emperor Concerto, his 5th and final Concerto for Piano.

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Beethoven wrote in several different styles, and within these, he used five main forms. The styles of Beethoven's music included:

  • Symphony
  • Piano and/or violin sonatas, piano trios
  • Concerto
  • Lieder (song)
  • Cantata
  • Opera
  • Piano trio
  • String trios and string quartets

The five main forms that Beethoven used most were:

  • Sonata form (used very frequently in his symphonies, sonatas and string quartets)
  • Variation form, e.g. the second movement of the fifth symphony, a series of variations on an original theme stated at the beginning
  • Rondo form, a melody repeated often during a movement
  • Scherzo, which is basically the classical minuet and trio in 3/4 time used frequently in the symphonies and sonatas
  • Fugue, which Beethoven wrote especially during his final period, e.g. the fugue that constitutes the last movement of the "Hammerklavier" piano sonata, opus 106.
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  • The opera Fidelio
  • 9 complete symphonies, among which the most famous are Symphony no.9 in D minor (the 'Choral'), the 5th Symphony in C minor and Symphony no. 3 in E flat major (the 'Eroica')
  • Numerous Piano Concerti, the most famous of which is possibly Piano Concerto in E-flat major ("Emperor")
  • Numerous Piano Sonatas, including the Moonlight Sonataand the Appassionata
  • Bagatelle in A minor, commonly known as "Für Elise"
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Q: What are 5 famous pieces of music written by Beethoven?
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