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1st string.. C, U, N, T

2nd string.. A, S, S, H, O, L, E

3rd string.. T, W, A, T

4th string.. K, N, O, B

theree yaa go, hopee i helped yaa x

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Q: What are all the cello notes on each string?
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What are all the notes on the b string on the cello?

The strings of the cello are, from lowest to highest, C,G,D,and A. There is no B string on the cello.

Which is better string bass or cello?

Cello. All the way.

What of the string instruments play 5 notes lower then the violin?

I think pretty much all of them- the viola, cello and double bass.

Does a cello have a reed?

No, the cello does not have a reed. It is a string instrument, and is not played using the mouth at all.

How do you play treble clef on the cello?

The lines of the treble clef are EGBDF. The C one ledger line below the treble staff is middle C, or the C on the A string in 1st position. This is your reference for mentally transposing cello music in treble clef. All of the notes will be on the A string and most will be in higher positions. Take notice of the half step relationships to help you find the notes.

Is a cello high or low?

Well, it all depends on the notes you're playing, but the cello is generally a low instrument.

What are the names of all string instruments in an orchestra?

Violin, viola, cello, bass

What instruments do the vitamin string quartet use?

All string quartets are made up of two violins, a viola and a cello.

Where did cellos oraignate?

Like all of the string family, the cello was originally made in Italy.

What other string instruments are there other than violin viola and chelo?

First of all, "Chelo" is actually spelled Cello. There is only one other major string instrument and the family, and that is the String Bass. It is 2 octaves lower than the Cello.

On a 5 string bass guitar what are the notes on the lo- B string?

B C C# D D# E and then repeats all the notes on the E string.

What are the notes for you i will on the violin?

First of all, there are FOUR STRINGS G string, D string, A string and E string g string`s first position has the notes g,a,b,c,d d string`s first position has the notes d, e, f, g, a a string`s first position has the notes a, b, c, d, e, e string`s first position has the notes e, f, g, a, b, c

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