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Oh wow, there are soo many,

well it depends on what you are looking for, if it's for an audition, or a concert, or if you are young or older,

but a couple off the top of my head

"Always true to you in my fashion" - Kiss me Kate

"Why can't you behave" - Kiss me Kate

"Another Openin' Another Show" - Kiss me Kate

"Send in the Clowns" - A little night music

"Miller's Son" - A little Night Music

"Broadway Baby" -Follies

"All the Jazz"

"Don't Rain on My Parade" - Funny Girl

"What I did for love" - A chorus line

"Nothing" - A chorus line

"Just one Step" - Songs for a new world

"If you got it flaunt it" - Producers

"I don't know how to love him" - Jesus Christ Superstar

"A boy like that" West Side Story (Duet)

"Whatever Lola Wants" - Damn Yankees

"A little brains, A little talent" - Damn Yankees

"Sensitivity" - Once Upon a Mattress

"Shy" - Once Upon a Mattress

"Privileged to Pee" - Urinetown

"Witches Lament" - Into the Woods

"Marry the Man today" - Guys and Dolls (Duet)

"Roxy" - Chicago

"Play With your Food" - Honk

that's all I can think of, if anything else comes up I'll definitely let you know

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Anything by Karen Carpenter is great for alto singers
Carly Simon is also great
Torn Between Two Lovers by Mary MacGregor
The Rose by Bette Midler
Do that to Me One More Time by Captain & Tennille

In the country category:

Anything by Ann Murray, Tanya Tucker, Barbara Mandrell, or Kathy Mattea,
The Way You Love Me by Faith Hill,
From This Moment On by Shania Twain,
Valentine by Martina McBride,
No Place that Far by Sara Evans,
Bring on the Rain by Jo Dee Messina,
Nobody by Sylvia
When I Think About Cheatin' by Gretchen Wilson

...or try some other songs by those artists

These are just a few, but it's a start lol

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monica-angel of mine

toni braxton- un-break my heart

Bruno Mars-granade

Lady Gaga-speechless

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Q: What are good Broadway alto songs?
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