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horrorpops, the creepshow, nekromantics, the matadors, tiger army, the cramps, the phenominants.

The Meteors,Pitbullfarm

os catelepticos,demented are go, resurex, black rose phantoms,hellbillys,

the quakes<-----badass), godless wicked creeps, mad sin

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Q: What are some good psychobilly bands?
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When was Psychobilly Freakout created?

Psychobilly Freakout was created in 1990-12.

What are some good drum bands?

Some good drum bands are the Police and the Gorillaz

Who is Diana price?

Diana Price is a photographer based in Denver, Colorado, known mostly for her concert and pinup photography, specializing in psychobilly bands. Her website is

What are the release dates for PSYCHObilly Teaser Concept - 2011?

PSYCHObilly Teaser Concept - 2011 was released on: USA: 10 October 2011 (internet)

What are some good UK bands?

One direction

What is psychobilly?

A style of music blending punk and rockabilly.

What are some good girl bands?

Care Bears on Fire?? They are a good band.

What are some foreign screamo bands?

Some good melo death bands are children of bodom, in flames, and norther. Belphegor, ensiferum, amon amarth, and lordi are also good

Are there some good modern goth rock bands out there?


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Tokio Hotel

What are some good nobody bands?

Exit 7 from NJ

What are some screamo German bands?

rammstein, blonk, callejon, narziss, welcome karen, and myra are good bands