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Fade to black,One,Nothing Else Matter,The Unforgiven 1,2,3,

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Q: What are some sad Metallica songs?
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What metallica songs has the undertaker used?

back in the 1998-99 he used the song "The American Badass" by kid rock... that song is metallica' "Sad but True" with different lyric.

Is metallica better than U2?

Yes Metallica is definatly better U2 although U2 does have some good songs, Metallica has more and the very best songs.

What genre are sad songs?

You can get sad metal songs and you can get sad pop songs e.e. the killers do some sad songs... you know what I mean!

How many songs are in guitarhero metallica?

There are 49 songs in Guitar Hero: Metallica.

What album is the song sad but true by metallica on?

Sad But True is the second track on Metallica, also known as The Black Album.

What are the names of some anti-government songs?

dont tread on me... metallica.

Is nickel back sad?

Yes they are sad they not as good as Metallica

What album is Sad but True by Metallica from?

The song "Sad but True" by Metallica is from their fifth and last album entitled Metallica. the band Metallica is also known as heavy metal band because of their unique style of playing guitar.

What are Metallica's best songs?

All of the tracks on Kill Em' All are Metallica's best songs in my opinion. :P

What is Mattalicas favorite song?

I couldn't tell you there favorite song as a group but the songs featured on Guitar Hero Metallica that were not written by them are some of there favorite songs they chose for the game. p.s. Metallica is the correct spelling

What are some slow metallica songs besides nothing else matters?

You can try listening to the load reload albums.These albums may have gotten bad comments but in my opinion,but to me,its just metallica trying new things and some of the songs are excellent imo.Of course, its my opinion and some of the songs might not be slow but most of the songs are quite slow.

Metallica song on Super Mario 3?

No there are not Metallica songs in Super Mario 3.....