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The members of JLS are:

Aston Merrygold

Marvin Hugmes

Ortise Williams

Jonathan JB Gill (likes to be called JB)

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Q: What are the four members names of jls?
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What are the first names of the JLS members?

Oriste, Aston, Marvin and Jb

Who is orisis in JLS?

Oritsé Williams is one of the four members.

What are the band members of JLS's real names?

aston marvin jb oritse

Who are the members of the band JLS?

The members of the band JLS are:Aston MerrygoldMarvin HumesJonathan "JB" GillOritsé Williams

What are the names of the jsl boyband?

You mean JLS? The members of JLS are Aston Merrygold, Marvin Humes, Jonathan "JB" Gill, and Oritsé Williams.

How many members are there in JLS?

There are four members in the all boy band JLS (Jack the Lad Swing). Aston Merrygold (Blue) Marvin Humes (Green) JB (Johnathan) Gill (Yellow) AND Oritse Williams (Red)

What names is jls?

JLS stands for Jack the Lad Swing. The people in JLS are called:Aston MerrygoldMarvin HumesJB GillOritsé Williams

What are the full names of the four JLS members?

Aston Iain James Merrygold Jonathan Benjamin Gill Marvin Richard James Humes Oritse Jolomi Mathew Solomon Williams

What is the names of jls?

JLS's names are... Aston Marvin Oritse Jb!

Who are the members of JLS?

The Members in JLS are: Aston Ian Merrygold Marvin Humes Oritse Williams Jonathan Benjamin Gill are the members of the band callled JLS.

Who is the strongest in jls?

all of jls members are strong

Who are the gays in jls?

None of the members of JLS are gay.