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I am not a human being

[Verse 1:]

Re, Re, Reporting from another world

Look up in the sky and see me porting wit a cove girl

She know that is fly after I'm through then its another girl

I can make your wife and your sister **** your brother girl

Rock Star ******

Check out how we rock

And if this ain't Hip Hop

It must be Knee Hop

I'm higher then a mother freaking chronic leaf tree top

I make DA Nina sing like "shoot a Du Dee wrap

You want the facts daddy? well I truly do need pop

And I get my candy from your girlfriend's sweet shop

Still get a stomach ache every time I see cops

You better run ************, Cruz we not

Yeah you bitches better run til your feet stop

And I'm so, fed up wit street cops

I'm colder than a ski shop

I'm holding' on to the top

And even if I let go

I still wanna G rock


I am the Rhyming Oasis

I got a cup of ya time I wont waste it

I got my foot on the line I'm not racing'

I thank god that I am not basic

I am not a human being

[Verse 2:]

Ha ha

Rock Star Baby

Now come to my suite and get lock jaw baby

I can knock your boots and your socks off baby

News flash ya boyfriend a knock off baby

OK, Real **** you can get knocked off baby

I'm like a champagne top I'm ready to pop off baby

You really lucky I don't kill if its not for baby

Got so much money, I can look at the cops all crazy

Rock star **** for my rock star ***

Got a tub full of money that's a rock star bath

Then I use more money to wipe my rock star ***

Then I throw it in the garbage that rock star trash

I wouldn't try you

I wouldn't lie dude

I must be sticky CZ them bashes got they eyes glued

Beep beep ***** I'm so mother freaking DA mu

Staring' at em long like "***** i will climb you!"

I stand tall like a mother freaking

I scream mother freak you and who ever designed you

And if you think you hot then obviously you are lied to

And we don't die we multiply and then we come divide you


I am the Rhyming Oasis

I got a cup of ya time I wont waste it

I got my foot on the line I'm not Racine'

I thank god that I am not basic

I thank god that I am not basic

I am not a human being

[Verse 3:]


I'm rock star Bad

With my rock star glasses and my rock star plaid

The school of hard rock I'm a rock star grad

And my kids, are bout to have a rock star dad

Now momma let them titties bounce like rocks off glass

And if you do I probably call ya like shots off glass

Don't jump into my water Cruz your knot wont last

I swear I'm be like a shark that chomp on bass

Rock star life

Rock star Bright

And in the mosh pit is how a rock star fight

So jump in this ***** and catch a rock star right

And the cops could never violate a rock stars rights

Yea, now I'm back on my Griz

And yawls a bunch of squares like a mother freaking grid

And everybody get it, well me I get rid

Of he who say he get it, and then I get his

No marquee but this is big Biz

And I scream **** it, whoever it is

Ain't no mother freak er deeper than me ***** dig

And I thank god everyday that my children are rich kids


I am the Rhyming Oasis

I got a cup of ya time I wont waste it

I got my foot on the line I'm not Racine'

I thank god that I am not basic

I am not a human being

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"and if the people stare then the people stare"

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Q: What are the lyrics to Lil Wayne's 'im not human'?
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