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You can try AmoyShare - Free MP3 Finder. It supports more than 1000 sites so that you can search and download any music you want.

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iTunes legally, Limewire illegally

The use of Limewire is perfectly legal. How you use it is another matter. There are sites where Limewire can be used perfectly legally.

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Well, there are tons of sites to download songs from, I recommend and for songs with pictures of the album.

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Q: What are the sites to download songs?
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What is the best sites to download songs?

Mp3 Sites

What is the site for downloading chhattisgarhi songs on internet?

no sites to download c.g. songs

What are the sites where Oriya songs are available to download?,

Which site has songs by the singer Ciara for download?

The sites that have songs by the singer Ciara for download are iTunes, 4shared, MediaFire, mp3 Lemon and many others as well. You can either download the songs for free or buy them.

Where can you legally download free Hindi songs for an mp3 player?

Reverb Nation and Last.FM are good sites to download free Hindi songs. Download Hindi MP3 is another good site to download Hindi songs.

Which are the Sites that you can download free Alexander Rybak's songs?

How does one download songs from Nizlopi?

You can download songs from Nizlopi directly from iTunes, which means it will download onto your computer where you can put it on to your MP3 player or iPod. You can also download it from sites such as last FM.

From where you download audio songs of sanai chaughade?

You can download the audio songs of Sanai chaughade from YouTube or marathimp3. There are various other sites that offer to download that you can find by querying in the searching engines.

Where can you download free old Hindi film songs?

there are many sites are available for download hindi old songs for example and etc

Can you download songs off youtube to your computer or ipod?

Yeah, you can download videos off youtube and watch or use sites to download song.

What are the best mp3 music songs to download?

The best mp3 songs to download depend on your own preferences. Do you like jazz, rock or classical? Some sites have free downloads such as: Other sites are paid sites like:

Where online can one download a Chinese New Year song?

There are lots of Chinese New Year songs on YouTube if you have the correct software you could download it from there. There are also several download sites that offer such songs.