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Hey Jude

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hey Jude

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Q: What beatles song hit number 1 on this day in 1968?
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What is the name of the song which lyrics start with the day you were born?

"Birthday", the Beatles song, was written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, and performed in their White Album (The Beatles) in November, 1968.

In 1964 beatles number 1 song in UK?

The Beatles first Number 1 song in 1964 was "I Want To Hold Your Hand" The Beatles second Number 1 song in 1964 was "Can't Buy Me Love" The Beatles third Number 1 song in 1964 was "A Hard Day's Night" The Beatles fourth Number 1 song in 1964 was "I Feel Fine"

What is the beatles number one song of all time?

It depends on different people's opinions. Some people will say Hey Jude because it was their song that stayed at number one for the longest. Rolling Stone magazine released a Beatles issue where they listed their top 100 Beatles song - A Day In The Life was placed at #1

Which Beatles song begins with Day...?

A Day In The Life and Day Tripper.

What was the song of the day on March 11 1968?

"Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay" by Otis Redding was the number 1 hit song on March 11, 1968.

Is day in the life a song by Avril lavigne?

No, it is by the Beatles.

What is a song with guitar violin and trumpet in?

All You Need Is Love - The Beatles A Day in the Life - The Beatles

What Beatles song contains the lyrics looking out of my lonely room day after day?

The song containing these lyrics is not, in fact, a Beatles song - the song is "Day After Day" by Badfinger - included in their 1971 album Straight Up - there was, however, some Beatles involvement within the song, as it was co-produced by George Harrison. However, Harrison left the production incomplete, and it was completed by Todd Rundgren.

Is there every Beatles song on Beatles Rock Band?

No, there is not. There is going to be more songs available to download soon, so one day it may be possible to have every Beatles song.

What was The Beatles first song?

The first beatles songs are "In spite of All the Danger", and "That'll Be the Day". They are from 1958.

What is the best song in the world so far?

A Day In the Life, by The Beatles.

What beatles album has the and you love her song?

it's and i love her, on a hard day's night