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channel 79 on satellite radio

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Q: What channel is radio Disney in Canada?
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Why is'int there a Disney channel in Canada?

Because the CRTC (Canadian Radio-Television Communications Commission) will not allow Disney Channel to be broadcast in Canada. The substitute that we have in Canada for Disney Channel is "Family Channel", which sometimes airs some Disney shows, but not all of them, and not at the same time that they're aired on Disney in the USA. and plus family channel sucks and Disney channel rules

What channel is radio Disney in Tennessee?

The station for Radio Disney Memphis is AM 1430. There are no other Radio Disney stations in Tennessee.

What channel is disney channel on bell canada?

No channel

What is the channel for radio Disney?

9.10 AM

What channel is Radio Disney on in California?


What channel is radio Disney on America?


What channel is the Disney channel in Toronto?

Im pretty sure that the Disney Channel in Canada is called The Famil Channel

What is radio Disney's radio?

it is a kids radio station that plays music mainly by Disney channel stars

What radio channel is radio Disney on?

Radio Disney is on several different radio stations in different cities. The one you want depends on where you live. Check Radio Disney's website.

What channel is radio Disney in Chicago?

1300 AM

What channel is radio Disney in shreveport?


What channel is radio Disney in Massachusetts?