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Q: What contributions did aubrey drake graham do to the community or the society?
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What is drake's real name and age?

Aubrey Drake Graham

What is the birth name of Aubrey Graham?

Aubrey Graham's birth name is Aubrey Drake Graham.

What is drake name?

Drake's Real Name Is Aubrey Graham.

What is jimmy's real name from degrassi?

The actor who plays Jimmy Brooks on Degrassi is Aubrey "Drake" Graham.

When was Aubrey Graham born?

Aubrey Graham was born on October 24, 1986.

What nicknames does Aubrey Graham go by?

Aubrey Graham goes by Aub, and Drake.

What is drake the rapper's real name?

Audrey Graham:) it is Aubrey Graham this person can't spell

Is Aubrey Drake Graham fat?

Aubrey Drake Graham weighs 190 lbs.

What is Drake's full name?

Aubrey Drake Grahm

What is drake the rappers last name?

His Full Name Is Drake Aubrey GRAHAM. So His Last Name Is Graham

Are Aubrey Graham and drake the same person?

Yes. Aubrey Graham &Drake are the exact same person.

Is aubrey graham related to katerina graham?