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Ukraine. At the time of the disaster, it was in the Soviet Union.

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Q: What country is chernobyl is in?
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What current country is Chernobyl located?

Chernobyl is in the country of Ukrain.

What country was the first country to help Chernobyl?


What country was chernobyl in at the time of the disaster?


What country did the Chernobyl nuclear accident take place?

Russia, the nuclear plant was in the place called chernobyl :)

Chernobyl belongs to which country continent?

Continent - Europe Country - Ukraine

Where abouts in the country is chernobyl?

it's in Ukraine, not Russia.

Present day country where Chernobyl is located?


What country had the worlds worst nuclear disaster?


The chernobyl power plant is located in what country?


Which country did the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster take place?

That is in Ukrainia.

Chernobyl was the worst nuclear disaster in history and occurred in what country that was once part of the Soviet Union?

Chernobyl is in northern Ukraine, near the border with Belarus.

What country had a big fire at a nuclear power station?

The Ukraine (Chernobyl) in 1986