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Q: What country song has females in chorus singing ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh?
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Who is the country music singer on the new Claritin commercial and what is the name of the song she is singing?

Kelly Willis and her husband, Bruce Robison. The song was the chorus of a then unfinished song of Bruce's.

How do you put chorus in a sentence?

We all chimed in, singing the chorus of the song together. The concert featured the middle school chorus.

What rap song has the chorus with a woman singing come killer?

Killa Cam by Cam'ron

What is the new techno song with a girl in the chorus singing never be mine?

Innocence by Nero

What's song in Spanish that has hey hey hey hey in chorus?

It can be Avril singing in Spanish i guess in her song "girlfriend"

Who is the girl singing chorus in Lil Wayne's something you forgot song?

The groups name is "HEART"Song title is what about love.

The chorus Its electric its a magical Its electric Its electric and so on What song is this a girl singing?

Robyn - Electric ;)

What is the note rhythm of the chorus of the song Tim McGraw by Taylor Swift?

It is a country song

What is the chorus of Country Roads?

The chorus of the song is: "Country Roads, take me home, to the place, I belong! West Virginia, Mountain Mama, take me home, Country Roads"

Who is singing the old song in the new DOW train commercial?

It is the Ink spots , the song is the chorus to "Whispering Grass". The Ink Spots, Whispering Grass

Who sings a song the chorus goes you know I love you I love you I love you a woman is singing it the song has some kind of Spanish sounding?

Videla! My favorite

Who sings the song with the gun noise in the chorus bang bang bang a girl singing and a guy doing the actual song?

M.I.A. "Paper Planes"