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well, they moslty like fish food, french dinners, and beef. Their favorite sport is hockey. Their favorite drinks are Coke, Red Bull, And water plus all kinds more drinks.

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Q: What do Canadians like?
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Where are the Canadian country music awards being held this year?

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Why does no one like Canadians?

That's not true. Many people like Canadians.

Why doesn't Canadians not like Americans?

Canadians love everybody.

Why do Canadians not like Americans?

Not all Canadians dislike Americans. However, many Canadians get frustrated by the stereotypes that they are put under, and many Canadians are very competitive concerning athletic events like hockey.

Why do Canadians like the vancouer canucks?

Canadians like all their hockey teams, including the Vancouver Canucks|!!

What sports do Canadians like?

canadians tend to prefer winter sports like skiing and snow boarding because they are good at them

What do Canadians eat Also what do they dress like?

They usually eat food. They surely dress like Canadians (Aka E.T.'s).

Do Canadians like American cheese?

no we do not like American cheese!!!!!!!

Do Canadians like sweet corn?


Who are the residents of Grenada?

They are called Grenadians like Canadians.

What kinds of foods do canadians like to eat?


What is it like for Canadians to ride polar bears around?

Canadians DO NOT ride Polar bears! They ride moose and live in igloos

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As a Canadian, I would say that most Canadians have never heard of the "Canadian AFL"