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Licence, registration, and insurance.

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2009-08-10 02:00:37
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Q: What documents do cops ask for when they pull someone over for a speeding ticket?
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Can traffic cops write speeding ticket after you were pulled over by someone else?

yes they can if you do the wrong thing again but they have to have a reason.

Is it legal for an Police Officer to give you a speeding ticket while being hidden?

Yes. No - its a jerky thing to do, but you should not be speeding if there arent any cops around - so they CAN ticket you if you were speeding when you didnt see them.

Can a Virginia speeding ticket be reduced without hiring a lawyer?

Yes, any ticket can be reduced without a lawyer. You have to go to the court date for your hearing. Be there early and if you show up there and the cops doesn't, many judges reduce the charge or if you plead your case honestly, logically and respectfully you can get a speeding ticket reduction as well.

How much do the participants of speeders earn?

As in the "unsuspecting motorist" that is speeding? If so, the do you mean besides the fact that they get an actual speeding ticket?The show Speeders is just like the show COPS. The "participants" are actual speeders (in Speeders) and actual criminals (in COPS) along with actual police officers in both.The only "fake" police show was Reno 911, which was a mockumentary of COPS.

Are cops supposed to give you a warning before signing you a speeding ticket and being your first time they should write you a warning?

The warning was on the speed limit sign you blew by. There is no requirement for the officer to let you off on your first ticket.

Is spitting at someone's possessions a crime?

No. Technically you could get a ticket for it, but most cops probably wouldn't even bother.

Is there a statute of limitations on speeding tickets in New Jersey?

Yea, its called a bench warrant. If you didn't pay it, the cops are looking for you my friend. You will be arrested, you will go to jail, and now have to pay the ticket, the warrant, and the cost to come get you. Oh yea, there is NO STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS ON ANY TRAFFIC TICKET.

Speeding 72 in 55?

Either make sure that there are no cops around, or slow down!

To get out of a drag racing ticket?

go faster than the cops

What will you do if you caught someone stealing?

call the cops or the owner but the cops

How do you avoid speeding tickets?

Not to sound blunt, but I would recommend not speeding to begin with. Don't speed? Slow down. Do it when the cops aren't around or you can also get a radar detector.

What are typical Speeding ticket costs?

I don't know about typical speeding tickets, but i was going 100 in a 75 and i had to pay 200 bucks or so. that's my first (and hopefully last) ticket so im not sure what would have happened if i was to get caught again at any speed. Anyway, there is a nice little list (if i remember correctly) on the back of the ticket (i guess for stupid cops) that shows just how much is to be paid for every mile over the speed limit (school zone or non and other adjustments).

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