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she wears good clothes likely like Lady Gaga but not that much weird she is not like lady gaga but she dresses kinda weird :.)

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Q: What does Rihanna wear?
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Does rihanna wear brown contecs?


What type of clothes does Rihanna wear?


Why does Rihanna always wear black?

She doesn't always wear black

Does Rihanna wear color lens?


Did Rihanna wear a Japanese school uniform?

no she did not

What color contacts do Rihanna wear?


What kind of makeup does Rihanna wear?

Usually singers and actors wear the products that their makeup artist provides. In a advertisement for Covergirl, Rihanna was wearing covergirl makeup.

What type of jeans does Rihanna wear?

Robin jeans

Does rihanna wear contacts?

No she does not that's her natural color eyes

What would rihanna wear to a party?

A short red dress with a massivea

What kind of shoes jay's wear in Rihanna video umbrella?

Nike sports

What size shoe rihanna wear?

She says she wears a size 9